21 Best Thrillers On Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, and Apple TV


21 Best Thrillers On Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, and Apple TV: The Thriller genre might be the most interesting and vast genre of cinema. There is no doubt that right now comedy and thriller are the most famous genre in the world. The tension that keeps you on the edge of the seat drives a fan.

So, we decided to make a list of the 21 best thriller movies that are available on OTT platforms to watch. Please keep in mind that we have accumulated movies from every OTT platform available in India.

So, this list does not necessarily involve the best thriller movies. But rather the best thriller movies that are available on OTT platforms. So, let’s start the list without any further delay.

13B: Fear Has A New Address

Where To Watch: Disney+ Hotstar

What better way to start the list with one of the most underrated movies of all time. 13B is definitely a forgotten movie and just shows how much we need to improve as an audience. It is still a mystery why this movie did not get the attention it deserved.

After the first 20 minutes, which carefully plants all the seeds and introduces the characters, this movie does not stop. There are no brakes and you will be on the edge of your seat throughout. The tension is so good.

There are very few horror thrillers that get the chemistry right. And 13B is one of those very few. It gets the formula of horror and thriller completely right. Yes, this movie is not perfect, but it is something that is worth watching.


Where To Watch: Netflix

Yes, we are talking about the 1960 classic, because why not? It does not matter if you have watched this movie or not, because the three famous scenes of this movie are everywhere on the internet.

And there is a good reason for it. The movie is not legendary just because of its name, but what it is. And it is one of the best thrillers of all time. And the best thing is that it still holds up even after 60 years since its release.

Maybe, the fact that it was so ahead of its time worked, but it is still monumental. It is not just the twists but the way the movie breaks from one scene to another is brilliant. And Hitchcock’s clever directing and cinematography made it seem more lude and violent than it really was.

HIT: The First Case

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime

Let’s dive into the South Industry, which we think has been overlooked in this sense. Fans have been gathering for this industry for their commercial movies, but I think South Industry’s best work comes out when they make a thriller.

You will more examples in this list as we will go on. But let’s talk about HIT for a while. You will not find this movie in any discussion forums or anywhere else. And that is a shame because this movie is absolutely brilliant.

It is a crime thriller to its core. HIT builds up the intensity and suspense and stays on that note till the end. With a strong screenplay, cinematography, and music, you won’t find a better crime thriller that has it all.

You might be a little bit disappointed with the end, but the way you reach there will make up for it. It is a very solid thriller with only one weak point as far as we care. So, you should definitely watch it if you are a fan of crime thrillers.

Karthik Calling Karthik

Where To Watch: Netflix and Amazon Prime

We have absolutely no idea how can a mainstream Bollywood thriller this good is so underrated. This movie has it all. Good storyline, an amazing cast, amazing soundtrack; Hey Ya is still one of our favorites.

Yet still, this movie has failed to reach the audience it deserves. And this might be a sign for all of you to go and watch this movie as soon as possible. Because Farhan Akhtar’s portrayal of Karthik is one of the best things you will see.

There are lots of nail-biting scenes. Once again they could have improvised the climax a little bit. But it does not dampen the movie even a little bit. And it is available on two OTT platforms so you got no reason to avoid this now.

Wind River

Where To Watch: Prime Videos

You got Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, and Jon Bernthal as well in a small but pivotal role. What can go wrong? That’s right, nothing. This movie had me shaken even after a few days. It is such an uncomfortable yet subtle watch.

You will feel sick after the movie and that is because the movie wants you to feel like that. It is such a joy when you feel exactly like what the director wanted you to feel. Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen knock it out of the park.

And the one single twist that completely takes you out of the blue will be the pivotal point of the movie. You will be amazed to see what happened in front of you and it is just beautiful.


Where To Watch: Disney+Hotstar

Yes, we know that the final act of the movie is a little bit dragged out. We have seen that complaint in every forum regarding this movie. But you can’t exactly deny the whole movie just because of that point, right?

It is a very well-made thriller with stellar performances throughout. The first two-act of the movie is so considerably well structured and made, that they will keep you hooked even when nothing is happening on screen.

The story was well crafted, balanced, and at the same time was completely gripping. And add those wonderful performances by every cast member, and you got a thriller that will be talked about for ages. It is not a perfect or Oscar-worthy movie, but it is a very good movie that deserved to be watched at least once.

The Invitation

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime/Netflix(Soon)

What a movie this is. It is safe to say that it is the best horror movie post-2010. And add that thriller concept to it and you got a movie that should not be missed. This movie will actually make you feel very uncomfortable.

And the ending is just a cherry on top of it. All the tension that was built was completely blown off. It is one of the most convincing horror movies that you will ever watch. And it is even relatable at some points.

Just a warning, don’t watch this if you are a faint-hearted person. This movie is very disturbing and is very uncomfortable. But if you like those things, this movie is perfect for you.


Where To Watch: Youtube

We know that Youtube is not an OTT platform but when a movie like Kaun is available for free, it is our duty to tell you about that. Kaun is available for free on Youtube on Shemaroo’s official youtube channel.

Kaun is such a well-made movie that is complimented by Manoj Bajpayee’s brilliant acting and Urmila Matondkar’s wicked expression that will scare you. The movie is only 90 minutes long and feels like half an hour flick.

There is not a single wasted scene in the movie and it is so intriguing and captivating. It will not be wrong to say that Kaun was so far ahead of its time. Even now, Bollywood fans will have a hard time accepting this movie. But it is a brilliant watch that every thriller fan will love.


Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Videos/Netflix(Soon)

Anthony Hopkins in this movie has given his second-best performance of his career. The best will be discussed later in this list only. But this movie is not only about Anthony Hopkins, otherwise, it would not be on this list.

Apart from Anthony Hopkins’s performance, which was praised by everyone, by the way. This movie has so much more to offer. But sadly, it is remembered for one thing only. It is one of the finest thrillers we have ever seen.

And the fact that the ending of this movie is so unique, baffles our minds so much. Fracture gives “Gone Girl” kind of vibe in certain scenes but with a better ending for sure. One of the few movies where you will root for the bad guy.


Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Videos

Kahaani is the best Bollywood thriller ever made and you can’t change our mind. It is one of the best thrillers in any language whatsoever. It is a shame that this movie was not as loved as it should have been when it came out.

But when a movie is this good, it will clinch everyone in its bind. Vidya Balan with the best performance of her career after Bhool Bhulaiya. The character of Bob Biswas became so iconic that they made a spin-off movie for that character.

But the real star of the movie is undoubtedly the story and the city of Kolkata. The story is so good that it will keep you on edge of your seat throughout. And the location where they filmed the movie works like a charm as well.

No Country For Old Men

Where To Watch: Netflix/ Amazon Prime Videos/Apple TV

No Country For Old Men is one of the finest movies that has ever been made. What can we say about this movie that has not been said earlier by hundreds of reviewers online? It is just our wish that we can somehow see it in a hall.

Because right from the cinematography, which is gorgeous by the way, to the cast, everything in this movie was brilliant. And this might be the only movie where the lack of music made it so much better.

The movie actually feeds to the story rather than to the cast and that should always be done. And the best part about the movie was the antagonist. Such sinister force but with a weak and vulnerable side as well, it was a truly charming villain.


Where To Watch: Jio Cinema(Bollywood Remake)/Disney+ Hostar(Original)

We were in a conundrum when we saw both of these versions. We were confused about which version to involve. The original version which was just magical and left the audience in awe or the Bollywood remake which was carried by Tabu and Ajay Devgn’s masterpiece?

We involved both of these versions. Ajay Devgn was quite understated and effective in the role and the remake carries this story to a bigger audience. And that is a very important factor if you look at it.

But there was a certain type of magic in the original one. the small subtle moments in the original film just show you what kind of magical movie Mohanlal has made. You can watch any version and will enjoy them both.

Kammatti Paadam

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Videos

It is my favorite kind of thriller. A slow burner that reveals everything in bits and pieces. And it actually lets you think of what will happen next. And Kammatti Paadam is the perfect example of that kind of movie.

I have seen lots of fans complaining about how long the movie is. But according to us the length of the movie should not be an issue if it is something this good. And the details that are involved in this movie are just brilliant.

One of the few movies where the viewer will actually feel rewarded for paying attention throughout. It is such a shame that movies like these are neglected by every fan. This movie needs appreciation and you have to go and watch it.

Jewel Thief

Where To Watch: Play Store

Once again we searched the whole internet to find you a thriller movie that you can watch easily. And we fall on this gem. People are wrong when they say that classic Bollywood only knew how to make action movies.

Because Jewel Thief is a thriller that will keep you hooked throughout. The best part is that the story is quite simple. And that works best for the movie. And we all know how amazing the music of Jewel Thief actually is.

Tracks like Raat Akeli hai are still heard throughout the country. But talking about the actual movie, it had everything that makes a good thriller. And it has Devanand in it, what more do you actually want?


Where To Watch: Zee5

One of the best instances of the “Who Done It” movie. There is always a mystery of who is actually the culprit. You will be asking for answers throughout. This movie will let you think for yourself and still, you won’t get the answers.

And the movie came back in 2015. Back when Kay Kay Menon was truly underrated and underappreciated. Very few people actually knew his name. And these are the kinds of performances he gave to make a name for himself.

He is truly wonderful in the movie. But what will really increase the thrill of the movie is the camerawork. Manish Gupta truly gave us one of the best directed movies to us. And the writing is so crisp that we were not able to determine actually who the real culprit was until the end.


Where To Watch: Netflix

Se7en is the most David Fincher movie that you can watch. It is one of the tensest movies that you will ever watch. David Fincher’s movies are a case of hit-and-miss sometimes. But Se7en hits so amazingly that you will feel it in your gut.

And like other Fincher movies where he lets it loose towards the ending(Gone Girl), Se7en does not do that. It is carefully woven from the start to the finish. The only Fincher movies that I will rank above Se7en are Zodiac and The Social Network.

And the movie is short so wonderfully, you can actually see how dedicated Fincher was towards this movie. And you will constantly be buzzing and running your mind thinking about what will happen in the next scene.

City Of God

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Videos

We are not talking about the 2002 version, but rather the 2011 Malayalam Movie. It is one of the best movies that came out of the Malayalam film industry. Director Lijo Jose Pellissery was on a mission to introduce new things in the Malayalam film industry back in the day.

And the City Of God was his masterpiece that came out in 2011. You can say that it was the best Indian movie of 2011 and no one will argue with you. The movie is an illustration of contrasts and balance in life.

It is not your usual thriller but a drama with so many unexpected events that are so common in daily lives. And that makes this movie such a beautiful watch. There is beauty in hardships and this movie depicts that only.


Where To Watch: Zee5

You can say lots of things about Anurag Kashyap’s filmography. But one thing is for sure Ugly is one of the best thriller movies we have ever seen. And that is after considering all the good and bad aspects of the movie.

The movie is not perfect in any way. Common, it is an Anurag Kashyap’s movie, there will be over-reliance on could language and violence. And yes, the movie is really dark. It is one of the darkest movies I have ever seen.

And the ending is so spine-chilling. It will give you goosebumps. And the best thing about this movie is unpredictability. No matter what character you were rooting for, you were bound to feel bad. Because no one is good and everyone is self-obsessed. Isn’t that the depiction of our own real world?

Vikram Vedha

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Videos

It is our duty to add Vikram Vedha to this list. If there is a tier of commercial films, Vikram Vedha will be in the absolute top tier. The inception of Indian myths/tales in modern storytelling by Pushkar is just cinema at its finest.

This was the movie that really started it all. Vikram Vedha can be said to truly revolutionize South Indian cinema in the eyes of North Indians. And my god, it lives up to every single expectation you have from this movie.

Vikram Vedha is a perfect example of how we don’t need foreign concepts to make a good thriller. We have lots of stories and myths and we can evolve a story around that only. Vikram Vedha is the movie that gave birth to shows like Asur.

Silence Of The Lambs

Where To Watch: Netflix

We told you we will tell you Anthony Hopkin’s best performance in this list only. Well, here it is. Anthony Hopkins’s best performance came in this movie only and what a movie this really is. Truly a masterpiece.

You might not like this movie now because you have seen all those troops so many times now. But in 1991, when this movie was released it was one of its kind. All the tropes that thriller movie uses, were used here first.

There is a reason why this movie won five academy awards. It is not only the best in terms of storytelling and performances. It influenced a giant wave of films that came after it. The inspiration might have been dulled because of that, but you should always pay respect to the original.

Fun Fact: Anthony Hopkins had 16 minutes of screen time in this movie and won Oscar for his performance. The movie was 2 hours long. Let this fact sink in.

8 x 10 Tasveer

Where To Watch: Zee5/ Amazon Prime Videos/ Jio Cinema/ Youtube

Well, this selection is going to give people mixed feelings. But when I watched it back in the day, I loved this movie. And upon rewatching, it still holds up fairly well. Yes, it might be too Bollywood for some people.

But as for me, I loved it. Apart from the ending, everything in this movie is amazing. Akshay Kumar can actually be seen acting for real and not just shrugging off another film according to the schedule.

This movie will stick to your mind for some time upon watching it. And the songs in this movie are also quite good. Considering everything, it is a very fun thriller that is dampened a little bit because of the ending.

So these were our picks for the 21 best thriller movies available on OTT platforms. We know that we might have missed some movies, because how can we include every movie in a list where we can involve only 21 movies?

If you know of any other movie that should have been on the list, let us know down below. And keep following webseriesreview for more lists and the latest movie reviews.



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