Top 10 Fan Favorite Shows to Watch This Month

Top 10 Fan Favorite Shows to Watch This Month


I love watching shows and movies since my childhood and, last month I spent most of the time just binge-watching with my laptop which I was supposed to do coding.  Well, now, that benefitted me to come up with the top 10 fan favorite shows to watch that will just blow your mind! And, if you are planning to watch any shows this month then sit back and relax, you are going to discover the best shows of your life with me. 

You will thank me later!

Top 10 Fan Favorite Shows to Watch This Month (Based on IMDB Rating)

Arcane – 9.2

Available on: Netflix

If you have been into animations like me, then Arcane is the show which you’ll regret if not watched.

The action, adventure, and thriller story with twists and turns will make you fall in love with this show. 

With a total of 10 episodes, get your snacks and go start binge-watching. 

  1. Spiderman: No Way Home – 8.9

Available on: In cinemas

Who will not be a fan of Marvel movies? I’m one of those. 

Even though if you aren’t, then you are surely going to be another fan after watching Spiderman: No Way Home. 

This is one of the legendary movies by Marvel Studios that after watching your eyes will be thankful to you! 

The cinematography, acting, action, with regular punches of the comic will make you stick with it till the last minute.

  1. Money Heist – 8.2

Available on: Netflix

If you are not sure where to start with then Money Heist is the perfect show. With 5 seasons, Money Heist is going to take you on an adventurous journey of thrill for the whole month.

As you will start watching this show, you are sure to not wait to finish it.

  1. Dune – 8.2

Available on: Netflix

Get on the adventurous ride with Dune which tells the story of a boy. With an 8.2 rating, you are going to find action, adventure, and a thriller-packed story. 

So, just get your popcorns and start binge-watching! 

  1. The Witcher S2 – 8.2 

Available on: Netflix

If you have loved Game of Thrones, then The Witcher will be another masterpiece that you will love to watch this month. 

Packed with full action, adventure, and a mysterious journey, you are going to finish all the snacks along with this season. 

  1. Squid Game – 8.0

Available on: Netflix

If you still haven’t watched Squid Game then this month you should miss this thrilling and tongue-biting show which takes you through an emotional journey. 

With an 8.0 IMDB rating, this is one of the most-watched shows around the globe that you should not miss. 

  1. Hawkeye – 7.8

Available on: Disnep+ Hotstar

Continuing the story of Hawkeye from Marvel movies, this show takes you through the journey and adventurous life of Hawkeye. 

Packed with action and adventure, this show is available on Disnep+ Hotstar with a 7.8 IMDB rating. 

  1. Don’t Look Up – 7.3 

Available on: Netflix

Love space and ski-fi?

Then you are surely going to love Don’t Look Up! 

The dual combo of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill along with other star casts in a thrilling story of earth’s new danger will make you just stick till the last second of the movie. 

With a 7.3 IMDB rating, this movie is a must-watch for you if you haven’t.

  1. The Wheel Of Time – 7.3 

Available on: Prime Video

Based on the best-selling book series by Robert Jordan, The Wheel Of Time is the show that will make you get entertainment through drama, action, and fantasy world. 

Start watching and get to know the magic world!

  1. The Unforgivable – 7.2 

Available on: Netflix

Find out what happens when a victim re-enters society after imprisonment for a crime. The impressive acting and storyline will make you think about the show after watching it. 

Prepare yourself and be ready to get into the deep thoughts of this show on Netflix. 


Finally, I can assure now you have a very busy schedule with these top 10 fan-favorite shows to watch this month. 

So, good luck, and don’t forget to thank me in the comments later 🙂



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