What is Poi Flag Controversy? Pink Denies Claim of Supporting Israel

What is Poi Flag Controversy? Pink Denies Claim of Supporting Israel


P!nk, the famous Alecia Beth Moore Hart has raised eyebrows after extending support to Israel amid the Israel-Palestine conflict. Netizens anticipated and claimed that Pink used flags as a symbol to support the country. In contrast, she denied the claims by issuing a statement. As the people of Palestine faced the worst part of the Israel-Hamas conflict, Pink was attacked by the people for supposedly supporting Israel.

A user on X formerly known as Twitter posted that the Creative Community for Peace, a pro-Israel non-profit organization shared on the Internet that Pink in her recent show used ribbons as a symbol of her support for Israel.

The tweet so far has garnered more than 23K views. The X account with User ID @Israel is managed by Israel’s Digital Diplomacy Team also tweeted, “Thank you @Pink.”

P!nk’s Clarification

Furthermore, Pink denied the claims of her publically supporting or publicizing her political beliefs. Additionally, she claimed that she didn’t use Israeli flags intentionally on her show. However, she wrote, “This post will be controversial for some. At this point, breathing is controversial. I am getting many threats because people mistakenly believe I am flying Israeli flags in my show. I am not.”

Poi Flag Controversy

Pink explained that since the beginning, she has been using Poi flags. She also added that, if she ever wishes to add any other flag on her show, then it would be a rainbow flag. Maori people traditionally have been using the Poi flags as a symbol of peace. ‘Poi’, a New Zealand-native object is usually used in dances.

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What is Poi Flag? Banner’s Significance Used in Pink’s Concert

As per Play Poi, the word “poi” originated from the natives of New Zealand, the Maori people. Poi is a dance form where in a rhythmic pattern, the weights are swung at the end of tethers. In the 1860s, the Poi was discovered as a spiritual messenger as per Dr. Kate Riegle van West.

In New Zealand during the British reign, Poi was combined with chants by two Maori gentlemen that included politics and religion. However, for decades the poi tradition has stood as the abode of peace. The Pou pieces were made of harakeke and Raupo originally, which are indigenous to New Zealand. They have included other renditions like LED lights, flags amongst others.

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However, as per 1News, the type of Poi flags that P!nk used in her concerts were not used traditionally. However, Pink is inspired by the Maori culture. Pink frequently visits New Zealand and enjoys the local areas there. P!nk will be performing in 2024 in New Zealand amid her Summer Carnival Tour.



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