5 Natural Remedies for Epilepsy Seizures

5 Natural Remedies for Epilepsy Seizures

Epilepsy seizures can happen anywhere, anytime.  Epilepsy seizures Dallas occur when your brain’s nerve cells experience an excessive, uncontrolled burst of electrical activity.  There are several types of seizures, and the symptoms can range from brief, sharp muscular jerks to lengthy, full-body convulsions lasting two or three minutes.

If uncontrolled, epilepsy can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life and could result in serious damage or death.  And because every individual with epilepsy reacts to treatment differently and frequently in an unforeseen way, we need as many medicines as we can find.

Here are natural remedies for epilepsy seizures;

Dietary supplements are one of the early treatments for epilepsy.  You can lessen epilepsy seizures with the use of nutritional adjustments and supplementation.  Children and older people should consume a more ketogenic diet to minimize seizures.  It contains many healthy fats and few carbs, which soothe the body and stop convulsions.  A high-protein diet can also help with the symptoms.

Some patients turn to biofeedback treatment when antiepileptic medications do not control seizures.  A person can learn to identify changes in their body using the medical practice known as biofeedback.  Based on this, they can create reactions that can reduce the likelihood of having a seizure.

For instance, the individual may sit down or find a secure area if they have a seizure aura, which can happen right before a seizure.  If individuals experience seizures brought on by light, they might be able to look aside in time to avert the seizure.

Acupuncture may be beneficial, according to some researchers, as interest in neurostimulation treatments for epilepsy increases.

An acupuncturist administers tiny needles in certain locations on the body.  They then leave them there for a short period of up to 30 to 40 minutes.  The energy channels in the body are allegedly affected by this.

According to research, it may help some people have better electroencephalogram readings and have fewer seizures overall.  Some experts claim that various techniques for treating epilepsy may be beneficial, but more study is required to determine which treatments are best in a particular situation.

Low vitamin B6 levels frequently cause repetitive seizures.  This can be managed by meeting the body’s demand for vitamin B6, which causes seizures.  Magnesium and vitamin E are other vitamins that can help in reducing epileptic seizure activity.  It is advisable to take supplements if you have epilepsy since a natural diet does not provide enough nutrients to cure the condition.

Stress and anxiety can trigger seizures.  A person with this illness should make an effort to stay away from stressful circumstances and demanding workplaces.  The easiest way to relieve tension and anxiety is to get rest.  It may chill down your nerves, relax your muscles, and calm you down.  Together, all these steps can aid in lessening epileptic symptoms and seizure frequency.

You might also try the following techniques to unwind your body and mind;

  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Massage with chamomile and lavender essential oils

Although natural remedies may be effective in treating your epilepsy seizures, speak with your doctor before trying any method.  Call  RHBNeuro to learn more about the treatment of epilepsy seizures.


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