6 Reasons You Should Consider Dental Implants



Missing teeth can occur in life for various reasons, including serious gum disease, tooth decay, or even an accident that breaks a tooth. However, missing teeth might eventually affect your smile, self-esteem, eating habits, and way of life. Fortunately, Dr. Jeffrey Busch provides dental implants that can replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

Here are reasons you should consider dental implants to replace your missing teeth;

  •   Your implants may help keep your natural teeth from falling out

Your remaining natural teeth will benefit from the installation of your new dental implants. The remaining teeth may start to move when a gap in the gums is caused by tooth loss, leading to further long-term dental issues. However, implants fill the space, and your existing teeth can be saved, provided you care for them well.

  •   Dental implants can restore your healthy smile

Our smile defines who we are. Our health benefits naturally from smiling, which we are unable to prevent. Smiling triggers the production of cortisol and endorphins, which lessen stress, discomfort, and blood pressure while boosting endurance.

Our immune systems benefit from smiling, making people want to be around us. When we feel we can’t smile because we’re ashamed of tooth loss, it can negatively affect our health and self-esteem.

  •   Dental implants look and function  like natural teeth

Even though it is ideal to preserve a natural tooth whenever feasible, dental implants are a fantastic replacement option that appears and operates just like a real tooth. Implants look nice, and nobody will even notice you have one until you let them know.

You may continue to clean, floss, and eat with dental implants as they work similarly to natural teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, have a hard palate on top that might hinder your capacity to properly appreciate food and make it more challenging to gauge the temperature of your meal.

  •   Dental implants prevent bone loss

Jawbone stimulation is necessary for teeth to remain healthy. As a result, if you have missing teeth, your jawbone structure will degrade. T dental implants can help avoid bone loss as they are attached to the base of your jawbone.

Implants preserve the strength and density of the jawbone. Unfortunately, bridgework and removable dentures won’t stop your jaw from losing bone.

  •   Dental implants make eating and chewing easier.

Anyone who wears dentures constantly worries that they could come loose during a meal. If it occurs at a social event, this may be humiliating.

When eating, removable dentures tend to fall out, which can be painful and embarrassing. These worries may be ignored since dental implants are secured to your jawbone like “natural” teeth are.

You may expect your implants to last for many years if you take good care of them by cleaning your teeth, maintaining your usual dental hygiene regimen, and visiting your dentist regularly. Because of this enduring benefit, your implants are a great investment for your long-term oral health.

If you are uncomfortable eating or feel self-conscious about missing teeth, do not put off getting a replacement tooth. Dental implants improve your confidence while restoring your mouth’s functioning and protecting your jaw’s health.

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