7 Tips for Properly Caring for and Maintaining Your Sports Eyewear


Are sports eyewear truly vital when you wander outdoors and do your activities under extreme heat? Experts have always said that it is best to wear the appropriate eyewear when indulging in your favorite outdoor activities,  running a marathon, or just taking a leisurely stroll under the beam of sunshine. It does not only exude classiness when worn but gives you optimum protection and supports the clarity of your vision.

In order to keep your eyewear effective and allow you to use it longer, this article will give you helpful maintenance tips.

1. Regular Cleaning

You must be familiar with the step-by-step cleaning procedure of sports eyewear and set up a schedule for routine examination and maintenance.

Check your cleaner first as it should be formulated only for eyewear. It should be gentle on the surface of the frames and lenses and not be abrasive. To get rid of the dirt, oils, and debris, gently wipe every corner using a soft microfiber cloth.

Don’t use tough or acidic solutions that could possibly harm your lovely pair of glasses.

2. Handle with Care

Treat your lovely eyeglasses with utmost care to prevent any accidental damage or incidents of scratching. Hold it with clean hands to refrain from transferring dirt or oils onto the lenses.

Better to use both hands when removing or putting on your sports eyeglasses so that the frames remain aligned and lessen the potential for bending. It is also a big trouble to leave it upside down where the lenses come in contact with surfaces because this can lead to micro-scratching.

3. Proper Storage

When your sports eyeglasses are not in use, store them in a secure place where they won’t fall or easily get disturbed. Sometimes we tend to be in a hurry or we mix things up in our room not noticing the potential harm it may cause our eyewear. There are a lot of sturdy organizers or hard cases to safeguard them at an affordable price.

Exposure to intense heat or direct sunlight should be avoided since these scenarios may affect the color and can cause warping. Take note that humid environments also cause lens fogging and will pose damage over time.

4. Reduce Scratches

When you need to carry your eyewear with you separate it from the other items in your pocket or bags, most especially with keys or loose coins. Refrain from using your shirt or paper towels to clean the lenses and frames. Instead, use a microfiber cloth for cleaning and avoid the chances of micro scratching.

5. Rinse after Contact with Chlorinated or Saltwater

After doing intense sports activities or relaxing at the beach, wash your sports eyeglasses with clean water. This step rinses the sweat and salty residue that may have accumulated during the day. The accumulation of corrosive compounds in the frames and lenses can cause harsh effects affecting its durability and performance.  After washing, gently tap dry using a clean cloth or microfiber and safeguard them for your upcoming adventure.

6. Replace Damaged Parts

When you notice signs of flaws like loosed crews, cracked or widened nose pads, or deteriorated temple tips, immediately have it inspected by a technician or licensed optician. They are adept in handling even intricate eyewear but may advise you to replace any damaged parts to preserve the benefits and still maximize its usage.

Your precious eyeglasses may also undergo wear and tear, your eye grade level must have been changed, or over time became out of fashion. Know the signs whether it is time to replace or upgrade, and it is essential to get frequent eye exams.

Nowadays, eye professionals are easier to locate because they have already set their schedules online. They can easily assist you in getting prescription lenses put in frames, offering their professional guidance and services.

7. Protect Your Eyewear During Sports Activities

It is vital to keep your eyewear secure and intact when you engage in sports activities because your body moves a lot. Sometimes you may not notice that it is already harming your eyeglasses especially when you are focused and hyper during your game. But, to prevent circumstances like this and be confident, you can put on adjustable straps and retainers so that it stays in place and does not come off during active movements. Having these accessories you feel certain and stable because it lessens your worries about damaging your favorite eyewear.

It is also advisable to check the screws and other small parts before engaging in sports. Have the loose screws tightened by using a small screwdriver or have it managed by an optical technician. By maintaining the proper fit and comfort of your eyewear, you can make sure a smooth and enjoyable sports experience.

How to Quickly Change the Lenses in Your Current Frames

No matter how well you take care of them, your eyeglasses may eventually show signs of cracks, scratches, or changes in the prescription that may force you to change them. The good news is, you can simply have the lens replaced while keeping your beloved frames intact. You can continue to have good memories with your stylish frames at the same time benefiting from clear eyesight.

Assessing Lens Compatibility

Before beginning the lens change, you need to assess whether the frames will work well and still be compatible with the new lenses The majority of the time, frames are undamaged, in good shape, and can fit in new lenses.

If you have complex frame designs that might need careful handling when installing new lenses, consulting an expert would be wise.

Getting Professional Assistance

Some lens changes can be done at home, but it is still preferable to get professional assistance, Much better if it is done in their clinics as they have different tools and equipment for handling various frames and lenses to secure and cause no harm to your eyewear.

Explore your options online

These days, you have the option of changing the lenses in your existing frames thanks to the influence of numerous optical stores. You can look through the various lenses, enter your prescription, and have new glasses sent to your house. This is truly time-saving especially if shops are far from you.

Sending Frames for Replacement

Sending your eyeglasses to the store may further harm them if you choose an online lens service. To avoid this to happen during shipment, securely package your frames and read the shipping policies of the provider. Enclose any required documents, such as your prescription or lens specifications to avoid some hassles.

Personalization and Lens Choices

You have the option to choose if you will upgrade or modify the existing ones, catering specifically to your eye-grade specifications. There are also an array of exciting options like tinted or advanced coatings that enhance both defense and appearance.

Care and Maintenance

Once you have replaced your lenses, make an effort to clean and safely store them to prevent scratches or even little damage. They deserve the be maintained and cared for if you want to extend and enjoy wearing them. This way you avoid having to deal with regular replacements which will save you money and time.

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To Sum Up

Wearing your cherished sports eyewear with poise expresses a strong level of confidence, especially when engaging in any kind of outdoor activity. However, the upkeep of these valued glasses is as important as maintaining risk-free use and clarity of your vision.

If you deal with prescription lenses, collaborate with an adept optician or specialist proficient at sports eyewear. He can facilitate a meticulous selection of prescription lenses suitable to your specific requirements.

Don’t think twice! Search for your ideal pair the soonest to increase excitement while performing any outdoor activity.


1. How much time will it take to place your prescription lenses into frames?

If you need your prescription lenses placed into frames, you need to check some guidelines because it varies depending on multiple factors like the complexity of your prescription lens, the potential treatments needed, and even who you choose to complete the job.  Estimate the timeframe ranging from a few days up to a couple of weeks.

2. Is it more affordable to buy new eyewear than replace the lenses of your recent frames?

I may say, purchasing new lenses may prove to be the more friendly option particularly if one’s present frames are of excellent quality. Retaining the frames still displays the sophistication and integrity of your current eyewear.

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