Blueface Mom Karlissa Saffold Harvey B**ty Pics Viral, Netizens React


American rapper Blueface mom Karlissa Saffold Harvey found herself in the eye of the storm when she accidentally shared her b***ty pictures on her Instagram story. The pictures and the reactions by her son have since gone viral on the social media circuit and netizens are also revealing their thoughts on the incident.

The pictures caused a storm on the internet and the reactions have been intense. This included Blueface who proceeded to troll his mother for the inappropriate act. However, the reactions of Karlissa Saffold Harvey to her son’s trolls have left the netizens nonplussed and they have reacted with shock.

Karlissa Saffold Harvey’s Background

Karlissa Saffold Harvey is currently married to Sterling Saffold, who is her second husband. Karlissa Saffold Harvey gave birth to Blueface on January 20, 1997, and his father is Jonathan Porter Sr.

Blueface Mom Viral Instagram Stoy

The Viral Moment – Blueface Mom Karlissa Saffold Harvey Shows Uncensored Booty In Instagram Story

The unsavory incident happened on Sunday, October 15 when netizens were surprised to find that Karlissa Saffold Harvey had posted a picture of herself striking a pose before the mirror on her Instagram story. Karlissa who is a mother of three kids took a selfie with her tongue out and the reflection on a mirror which bared her b**ty and posted it on her Instagram story. The picture soon became viral and spread across different social media sites. Netizens were shocked by the baring act by Karissa Saffold Harvey.

Blueface Mom posts explicit pics on her instagram story

Blueface’s Response

Her own son, Blueface said on X (formerly known as Twitter):

Ewww lol”

Blueface responses to his mom's viral pic
Blueface responses to his mom’s viral pic

Karlissa Saffold Harvey was talking about rumors that his son spent a whopping $30,000 on a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) for his longtime partner, Jaidyn Alexis. Karlissa did not stop and warned her son to stop or else she would post earlier pictures of Alexis and the message hit Blueface loud and clear.

Netizens Reactions

The banter between Karlissa and her son invoked all kinds of shocked reactions from netizens. Some even rebuked the mother–son duo and said such conversations are inappropriate between a son and a mother.

However, some netizens supported Karissa and her charges against Alexis.

One twitterati tweeted:-

“Now I said it was accident BN But it look better than the one you spend yo life savings on”

Another said:-

No way this is a conversation between mother and son”

Apology from Blueface Mom Karissa Saffold Harvey

Blueface Mom Karissa Saffold Harvey has since apologized for her Instagram story and promised not to repeat in the future. She even revealed that her father called her up about seeing her “old rusty a*s” on the internet. She added that it was an accident and meant for her husband and not worth the noise it had created. 

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