Chris Hansen Net Worth 2023: Here’s How Much is TV Personality and Journalist Worth?

Chris Hansen Net Worth 2023: Here’s How Much is TV Personality and Journalist Worth?


Christopher Edward Hansen also known as Chris Hansen is a well-known television personality, who is also a journalist as well as a YouTube presenter and is best known as a host of the Television series “To Catch A Predator”. The short-lived serial was based on catching Internet Predators via a sting operation.

The short-lived program brought immense fame for Chris Hansen and his predator investigations and interviews enamored the audience. His skills led him to host similarly-formatted shows on other networks.

He bade goodbye to NBC in 2013 and then became the presenter of “Killer Instinct” on Investigation Discovery in 2015. The program was centered on homicide investigations. He also became the presenter of the second and third seasons of the syndicated television series Crime Watch Daily.

He also was the creator of true crime-oriented streaming service TruBlu in 2020 and he produced and starred in the web series TakeDown with Chris Hansen.

Chris Hansen Net Worth

Chris Hansen was born on September 13, 1959, in Chicago, Illinois. His childhood was spent at West Bloomfield Township and Birmingham, Michigan. From his childhood, he had a desire to become a journalist. The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa and the subsequent investigation by the Police and the FBI had a deep impact on him.

Chris Hansen finished his schooling at Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He completed his college studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in telecommunication from Michigan State University in 1981.

Chris Hansen’s Outstanding Career So Far

Career with NBC (1981–2013)

Chris Hansen started his career as a reporter for NBC affiliate WILX in Lansing, Michigan when he was a senior at Michigan State University. He later joined the WFLA in Tampa, Florida and also had stints with newspapers and radio stations in Michigan and WXYZ in Detroit. He also served as a reporter and anchor at WDIV in Detroit.

In May 1993, Chris Hansen started his stint at NBC as an investigative journalist. He also served as a correspondent for the news magazine Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric. During his stint with Dateline NBC, he covered many breaking events which included the TWA Flight 800 disaster, the Columbine High School massacre, the investigation into the Indian child slave labor, and fake and spurious drug sales from China.

He also covered the devastating Oklahoma City bombing and the Unabomber. He was also in charge of most of the reporting during the September 11 WTC attacks. He was also considered an expert on Al Qaeda and also did an investigation into the quest of Al Qaeda to acquire missiles and nuclear weapons components. His investigation into the Air France Flight 8969 hijacking revealed serious security lapses and led to the revamping of the security protocols.

To Catch a Predator

Chris Hansen Net Worth 2023

Chris Hansen is best known for hosting the series To Catch a Predator. The series was made in partnership with the website Perverted-Justice. The series involved volunteers from the website who impersonated minor kids and acted as bait for perverted pedophiles. They contacted the offenders from online chat rooms and agreed to have sex. The rendezvous spots were rigged with cameras operated by NBC crews and the sting operation was recorded. Later police officials from local police stations also joined the NBC crews.

The show was a huge success and NBC created three more clones of the series named To Catch a Con Man and To Catch an I.D. Thief. The spin-offs were hosted by Chris Hansen. Hansen also authored a book in March 2007 titled, To Catch a Predator: Protecting Your Kids from Online Enemies Already in Your Home. In August 2013 NBC did not renew the contract with Hansen and thus ended a 20-year association.

Post his exit from NBC, Hansen hosted a series named “Killer Instinct” on Investigation Discovery. The series detailed various police investigations in homicide cases. Hansen also planned to start an independent television show called Hansen vs. Predators. He sought to crowd-fund the project but it ended in disaster and could raise only half the intended money. Worse he was also jailed for furnishing a bad check for promotional material. The donors also did not receive any promotional memorabilia as part crowdfunding endeavor.

Chris Hansen’s Personal Life

Hansen’s first wife was named Mary Joan and the couple had two sons. In June 2018, Mary Joan applied for divorce after 30 years of marriage. On November 13, 2021, Hansen married Gabrielle Gagnon.

How Much is Chris Hansen’s Net Worth?

Chris Hansen is estimated to have a net worth of around $1.5 million. Much of his wealth came from hosting roles and his influential work.

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Wiki Biodata

Attribute Information
Full Name Christopher Edward Hansen
Date of Birth September 13, 1959
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Education Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication, Michigan State University
Career Highlights Host of “To Catch A Predator”, “Killer Instinct”, and “Crime Watch Daily”; Creator of TruBlu streaming service; Star of “TakeDown with Chris Hansen”
Marital Status Married to Gabrielle Gagnon (previously married to Mary Joan)
Children Two sons (with Mary Joan)
Net Worth Estimated at $1.5 million


What is Chris Hansen’s estimated net worth?

Chris Hansen’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million, largely earned through his hosting roles and influential work in journalism and television.

What is Chris Hansen’s career background?

Chris Hansen began his career as a reporter and later worked as an investigative journalist for NBC, covering various significant events and stories.



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