From My Idea to 100k Views on YouTube

From My Idea to 100k Views on YouTube



I recently set out on an exciting journey as an ambitious filmmaker, creating short movies with 100k views as my goal. This article chronicles this experience step-by-step; from creating captivating short films through uploading them onto YouTube and reaching this goal of reaching one million views on my film!

Step 1: The Spark of Creativity

Like any artistic endeavor, my journey began with the spark of creativity. Drawing from my own life experiences and observations, I brainstormed ideas that would be both unique and engaging. After several iterations, I finally settled on a concept that merged my passion for storytelling with a fresh twist on a classic theme.

Step 2: Crafting the Script and Storyboarding

Armed with my concept in place, I set to work developing an engaging script that would serve as the backbone for my short movie. This involved carefully crafting narrative, character arcs and emotional depth in order to engage my target audience on a deep emotional level.

To bring my vision to life visually, I created a detailed storyboard. Each frame served as a roadmap, guiding my team through the process of translating words into powerful visuals.

Step 3: Assembling the Dream Team

Recognizing the collaborative nature of filmmaking, I set out to assemble a dedicated and talented team. From actors who could breathe life into the characters to skilled crew members and technicians, every role was crucial in creating a seamless production.

Step 4: Pre-production Precision

Pre-production was a crucial phase to ensure a smooth shoot. It involved securing suitable locations, setting up a comprehensive shooting schedule, arranging equipment rentals, and obtaining any necessary permits.

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Step 5: Lights, Camera, Action!

As soon as the cameras started rolling, magic began to happen. Every scene showcased my team’s hard work with meticulous consideration given to lighting, sound and camera angles – passion and commitment from everyone involved resulted in exceptional performances on screen.

Step 6: Post-production Perfection

The post-production phase brought the film together, weaving together the shots, adding visual effects, and enhancing the overall experience with sound design. Each detail was scrutinized, and color grading and audio mixing were employed to elevate the production value of the film.

Step 7: Harmonizing Music and Copyright

To complement the emotional impact of the visuals, I sought music that would resonate with the audience. However, I was cautious to use only copyright-free or licensed music to avoid any legal complications. Collaborating with a talented musician, we created original compositions that added depth to the storytelling.

Step 8: Captivating Title and Thumbnail

Understanding the importance of first impressions, I invested time in crafting an attention-grabbing title and a captivating thumbnail. These elements were crucial for attracting viewers and enticing them to click on the video. I have used canva to create engaging and creative thumbnails.

Step 9: Optimizing for YouTube Success

Before uploading my short movie on YouTube, I made use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. By strategically using relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags, I aimed to make my film more discoverable to potential viewers. Sharing the video on various social media platforms also expanded its reach.

Step 10: Engaging with the Community

Building a loyal audience required genuine engagement. I actively responded to comments and feedback, encouraged viewers to subscribe and share the video, and even provided behind-the-scenes content to keep the audience connected and invested.

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Step 11: Promotional Endeavors

While organic growth was essential, I knew that proactive promotion would give my short movie a significant boost. Collaborating with fellow creators, submitting to film festivals, and participating in online communities dedicated to filmmaking enabled me to share my work with a broader audience.

During this process I discovered Lenostube, a reputable social media agency offering organic likes, views, subscribers, shares, and watch time. With their help my video reached many people and got viral. Remember Lenostube helped me to boost my video to reach desired and interested viewers who are genuinely interested in my content. They did not artificially inflate my views. 

Step 12: The Power of Virality

As the stars aligned, my short movie began to gain momentum. The power of virality took over, and viewers from all corners of the internet flocked to watch and share the film. The exponential growth surpassed my expectations, culminating in the awe-inspiring achievement of 100k views.


The Journey from Conceptualizing A Short Movie to Accumulating 100K Views on YouTube was truly rewarding and tested my creativity, determination and resilience as a filmmaker. Through this rewarding process, I discovered that passion and dedication are the driving forces behind creating engaging content which resonates with audiences worldwide. As my storytelling evolves, I remain committed to refining my craft while welcoming challenges that may lie ahead; my mission as a filmmaker will have been accomplished once others embark upon their own creative odyssey! Happy filmmaking!



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