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Ravan Dahan is a popular traditional event celebrated in various parts of India, especially in the northern states. It is one of the most important parts of Dussehra festivities. Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, marks the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana, as described in the Hindu epic Ramayana. This year, Dussehra 2023 will be celebrated on Tuesday, October 24. The main highlight of Ravan Dahan is the symbolic burning of effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna, and his son Meghanada, who was also known as Indrajit. This Ravan Dahan event signifies the triumph of good over evil and is a powerful visual representation of the victory of Lord Rama. The effigies are usually constructed in grand fashion, with Ravana being the tallest, and are filled with firecrackers and other flammable materials. If you are looking to witness the spectacular event with your friends and family, here are some cities where the Ravan Dahan or the burning of Ravana is best witnessed. Dussehra 2023: From Salman Khan’s ‘Prem Leela’ to Prabhas’ ‘Ram Siya Ram’ – Bollywood Songs to Elevate Your Celebration!

1. Mumbai

In Mumbai, people usually gather at Azad Maidan to celebrate Dussehra. This event is organized by one of the oldest committees in the city, Maharashtra Ramleela Mandal.

2. Lucknow

In Lucknow, Aishbagh Ramleela ground, which is believed to be the city’s oldest venue, hosts a Ramleela performance organized by the Shri Ram Leela Samiti. The Aishbagh Ravan Dahan is unique as it boasts a 100-ft Ravana with messages written all over it.

3. Barara

The Barara Ravana Dahan is the most spectacular thing to watch this Dussehra! It holds the record for being the tallest Ravana effigy in the world. Barara is about 80 kilometers from Chandigarh.

4. Delhi

Delhi is at its best during Dussehra with grand performances of Ramleela, spectacular processions, and exhibitions. The tallest effigy in the city is created by the Nav Shri Dharmik Leela Committee, which burns at Subhash Maidan opposite the Old Lajpat Rai Market. Another Ravan Dahan event can be witnessed on the lawns of the Red Fort. Dussehra 2023 Ravan Dahan Events in Delhi: Visit These 5 Places To Witness Best Ram Ravan Antim Yudh Celebrations in the Capital.

5. Varanasi

In Varanasi, the Ramnagar Fort hosts the popular Rahan Dahan. The place draws large crowds every year as people come to witness the spectacular event. The effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran, and Meghnad are burnt with fireworks, marking the destruction of evil.

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