Easy Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating

Easy Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating

Everyone sweats when it gets hot or while exercising; sweating is your body’s natural way to cool down. However, abnormally excessive sweating that is not necessarily related to heat or exercise (hyperhidrosis) can be a nuisance. You may sweat so much that your clothes become wet, and sweat drips off your hands. Not only does excessive sweating disrupt your everyday activities, but it can also cause social anxiety and embarrassment. The good news is that treatments like prescription strength antiperspirants, medications, and therapies like Alpharetta Miradry can help with excessive sweating. Here are lifestyle changes and home remedies to help you cope with sweating and body odor.

Wear breathable fabrics

Your choice of clothing also plays a role in how much you sweat. Wearing light, breathable fabrics that allow ventilation can help reduce sweating. Consider wearing bright or lighter colors to reflect the sun rather than absorb it. White clothing keeps you cool since they do not absorb heat as much as black; you can choose apparel. Sometimes this may not be an option; in such cases, select distracting patterns or dark colors that don’t reveal the sweat. Layering outfits is also a way to ensure the seat is not visible on the outer layer.

Wear antiperspirant

Antiperspirants do not stop sweating but block the sweat ducts, preventing the sweat from reaching your skin’s surface. By blocking the ducts, antiperspirants reduce the sweat that gets to your skin; this product may help with minor hyperhidrosis. If, besides sweating, you have body odor, consider using deodorants or antiperspirants with deodorant. Deodorants don’t prevent sweating but can mask the smell produced by bacteria when you sweat. Most non prescription antiperspirants contain metallic salts called aluminum chloride.

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Ensure your underarms are clean and dry before applying antiperspirant at night before bed. That is because it takes some time before the ingredients block the sweat duct, and most people sweat less at night. Wearing an antiperspirant may not work immediately but stick to this routine for a few months to achieve the desired results.

Stay cool

Sweating is a natural process for your body to cool down. Therefore, by staying cool, you minimize how much you sweat. You can place a bowl of ice before a fan during hot weather to circulate the cold air in your space. Consider drawing your curtains and blinds during the days to minimize the heat from the sun. If you are outdoors, try staying in the shade. You also want to stay hydrated; this will keep your body temperature down. Eating smaller meals instead of large portions can help you stay cool since your body needs metabolic heat to break down food. You can also get a handheld fan and wear open shoes whenever the weather allows. Avoid hats and caps since this doesn’t keep your head cool. Keep your moisturizers in the fridge or cooler box for a cooling effect upon use.

Medical treatment

There are several treatment options for individuals with hyperhidrosis. They include prescription antiperspirants, oral medication, antidepressants, Botox injections, and surgery.

If you are sweating excessively, visit your doctor at SafiraMD Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center for expert advice.


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