Elvish Yadav Accused Of Shooting With Snakes and Snake Venom at Noida Farmhouse, Case Under Investigation


Elvish Yadav Accused Of Shooting With Snakes and Snake Venom at Noida Farmhouse, Case Under Investigation

Bigg Boss OTT winner and famous Influencer Elvish Yadav is currently under search by the police after a case has been filed against him. Snake venom and snakes were recovered from a rave party on Thursday night in Noida. For this, five individuals have been taken into police custody and they are looking for Bigg Boss OTT winner, Yadav.

Elvish Yadav Accused Of Shooting With Snakes and Snake Venom at Noida Farmhouse, Case Under Investigation

Bigg Boss OTT Winner Elvish Yadav Accused of Hosting Raves

During the raid, a total of nine snakes have been recovered. Out of them, five are cobras. Moreover, Senior Noida police officer, Vishal Pandey told the ee media that, snake venom was also recovered on Friday. The people who were arrested, when questioned about the case, then Elvish Yadav’s name surfaced.

Reportedly, the arrested individuals revealed that their work was to supply snakes and their venom to parties that the 26-year-old YouTuber, Elvish Yadav organized.

Meanwhile, Yadav stated that the allegations against him were not true. Rather he termed the allegations as, “fake.” Elvish Yadav shared a video message on X, formerly Twitter and Instagram. He said, “If even 0.1 percent truth about my involvement in the case is found, I will take full responsibility for it.” Moreover, Elvish added that he will give full support to police to carry out the investigation and will co-operate as well. Elvish urged the media to not ruin his reputation without any supporting evidence.

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Vishal Pandey, the Senior Noida police officer said that the police were in search of the influencer. Moreover, the case would be investigated from all angles. This case gained the limelight and public attention after a complaint was filed by an official from the People For Animals, an animal welfare organization against content creators and Elvish Yadav who were shooting videos with snake venom and snakes at Noida farmhouses.

Illegal Parties

The official reported that the creators organized rave parties illegitimately. In these parties, foreign women were also asked to consume various kinds of drugs and snake venom.

Elvish Yadav was contacted by Maneka Gandhi, a BJP MP after the latter received information about the charges on the former. Elvish shared the contact number of his agent with the organization, PFA as per the FIR.

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On contact, the agent agreed to bring snakes to a banquet hall in Noida and organize a rave party there. This incident gained the attention of Noida Police and Forest Department officials by an anonymous source.



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