Here is How You Should Handle Medical Marijuana

Here is How You Should Handle Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana from Cannabis sativa has been found to have multiple health benefits. It has been approved in different parts of the world to manage different health situations. The medical marijuana Lafayette specialists use the product to manage many glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, concussion, cancer, traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease. Many patients using medical marijuana have complimented the treatment well, proving its effectiveness in managing some symptoms. However, the treatment must be used with care ensuring you get the treatment from viable sauces and follow instructions carefully. Here are some tips on handling medical marijuana.

Keep Medical Marijuana at an Ideal Temperature

Please consult your doctor about the ideal temperature for storing medical marijuana to avoid complications like mold development. Understand that mold can do better at temperatures from 77 F, and you must store your cannabis at cooler temperatures. Also, know that excess temperature can destroy your treatment and limit its efficacy. Avoid above-freezing temperatures to maintain bud structure and avoid getting a less potent treatment. Additionally, please avoid storing the cannabis in a fridge since the temperature fluctuations can make the products prone to mold issues.

Check on the Humidity

Moisture content defines medical marijuana, and you do not want to complicate it. Therefore, you must only store the products in the right humidity as instructed by your doctor. Not much nor less, just enough. Remember that excess moisture will create a good environment for molds to thrive; little moisture can dry the products weakening their bud structure. In most cases, the ideal humidity levels for medical marijuana range from 59% to 63% relative humidity (RH)

Keep Away from UV

It is important to store your medical marijuana away from direct UV energy. Studies found that direct sunlight significantly degrades cannabis and can make it less effective. As the leaves or grass begin turning brown due to UV energy, the same happens to cannabis. Always store medical marijuana in dark containers and put them in the dark. Avoid leaving the product on the window shelves, or anywhere they can access direct sunlight.

Use Airtight Storage Vessels

As mentioned earlier, medical marijuana requires particular humidity levels and temperatures. You can achieve this by holding the products in airtight containers and following other instructions like storing them in the dark. Limiting oxygen in the cannabis can decrease the chances of faster degradation and allow the product to serve its purpose efficiently. You can consider a vacuum sealer if you will not be using medical marijuana for a long period. Since multiple products are being marketed as good for storing medical marijuana, you better consult your doctor for advice. In most cases, traditional mason jars are considered better.

Secure the Medical Marijuana

Leaving medical marijuana in an open space might be unsafe even if you live alone. The product must be kept out of the rich for those with children. It would be better to keep the cannabis locked up in a safe place if you have a roommate or get people coming over regularly. You can purchase lockable storage space for such products to ensure safety for everyone around.

Reach out to the medical marijuana specialists at Moore Healthcare Group today if you think you can gain from the treatment. Your provider will give you more information about the treatment and evaluate your situation to help you know if you are a good candidate. Do not hesitate to make a call.


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