How to force rhubarb and the best early varieties| Blog at Thompson & Morgan

How to force rhubarb and the best early varieties| Blog at Thompson & Morgan

Rhubarb crops growing with forcers

Pressured rhubarb supplies you with early, sweet-tasting crops
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Pressured rhubarb is an early spring deal with at a time when there’s little in the backyard that’s prepared to decide. It’s additionally a straightforward and pleasing course of which, when achieved appropriately, gained’t trigger your rhubarb any lasting hurt. Right here’s how to force rhubarb, with a fast look at a few of the best early varieties to attempt.

In the meantime, browse our complete vary of rhubarb crowns for conventional favourites and flavoursome new varieties.

What’s compelled rhubarb?

Early forced rhubarb in bowl

Holding an RHS Award of Backyard Benefit, Rhubarb ‘Timperley Early’ from T&M is an effective forcing selection
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Rhubarb crowns start to bud throughout the late winter and sprout and develop in spring. Below regular situations they are going to be prepared for harvest from spring to mid-summer, relying on the varieties you select. ‘Forcing’ is the means of plunging the plant into darkness whereas at the similar time conserving it heat. Being hotter, it begins to sprout earlier, and being in the darkish, the stems will develop rapidly in quest of mild.

Why is compelled rhubarb so extremely prized?

Freshly cut rhubarb next to leaves

Rhubarb ‘Champagne’ is especially dependable and straightforward to develop
Picture: Rhubarb ‘Champagne’ from T&M

Pressured rhubarb is prepared to decide throughout the early spring when there’s not a lot else about. Its pale pink stems have a beautiful delicate texture and style scrumptious. Sweeter than common rhubarb, they require much less sugar to counter their astringency. If it’s a spring deal with you’re after, compelled rhubarb makes an outstanding crumble, salsa, or compote.

How do I force my rhubarb plant?

Rhubarb growing in pot with big leaves

Rhubarb ‘Terrifically Tasty’ is the earliest rhubarb we’ve ever discovered
Picture: Rhubarb ‘Terrifically Tasty’ from T&M

To force rhubarb efficiently, you want:

  • A powerful plant
  • A big bucket, dustbin, or terracotta forcer
  • Some straw, carpet or bubble wrap for insulation

Earlier than putting your container over the rhubarb crown, first give the space surrounding it a radical weed and apply a layer of compost mulch to present the plant with all the vitamins it wants to produce robust stems.

Place your container over the crown, ensuring there aren’t any holes, gaps or chinks by way of which mild can penetrate. You may place straw round the plant itself or financial institution it up round the outdoors of the container. Alternatively, cowl the cloche or dustbin with outdated carpet or bubble wrap to assist create a heat microclimate on your compelled rhubarb to develop in.

You probably have a greenhouse or shed, you could want to think about lifting your rhubarb crown, potting it in a container of adequate dimension and transferring it inside for even earlier forcing. Should you do that, be sure you accomplish that when your rhubarb is dormant to cut back stress on the plant. Pressured rhubarb is normally prepared in about 6 – 8 weeks at which level the stems shall be round a foot lengthy.

Suggestions for forcing rhubarb

Forcing rhubarb takes lots out of the plant so be sure you solely force robust, established crops and do give them ample time to get better earlier than choosing from them once more. Develop at least two rhubarb crowns so to force a unique plant every year, leaving the different to totally regain its power earlier than repeating the course of.

Which types of rhubarb are best for forcing?

Harvested rhubarb stems on ground

Rhubarb ‘Victoria’ rapidly matures to produce a heavy crop, 12 months after 12 months
Picture: Rhubarb ‘Victoria’ from T&M

You may force any rhubarb however some varieties are higher than others. Ideally, you need a plant bred particularly for early cropping. Examples of early-cropping rhubarb embody:

Forcing rhubarb is an effective way to convey on an early crop of scrumptious stems prepared for consuming when there’s little else accessible in the backyard. For extra data, head over to our useful rhubarb hub page for extra data and recommendation.