How To Grow 0 To 100k Followers on TikTok Fast In 2022

How To Grow 0 To 100k Followers on TikTok Fast In 2022

The growth of your TikTok account, like any other social media account, largely depends on the number of followers you get. But with all the TikTok account users worldwide, amassing followers fast can be a challenge. But what if we told you growing from 0 to 100k followers wasn’t as challenging as it seems? Here are several tips you can use to help in growing your TikTok fast.

Identify Your Audience

The general foundation of TikTok is videos. And while this platform rose to fame because of lip-syncing videos, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for this niche. You can choose to create content based on your passion. Identifying the type of content you want to create makes it easier to identify your target audience. Like any other social media platform, the number of users on TikTok cover multiple locations, niches, and demographics. So, before creating a video on the niche you are passionate about, you need to identify your key audience.

Leverage on TikTok Trends

Another way you can grow your TikTok followers fast is by leveraging TikTok trends. You can drastically increase your following on TikTok by jumping on the latest trends. However, just because something is trending doesn’t mean you have to participate. Therefore, try to discern what trends you should join. You can also set your brand apart from competitors with TikTok trends. Participating in the trends allows you to share more about your brand’s personality.

Give Your Audience Value

You can grow your TikTok followers fast by giving your audience value with every video you create. Influential TikTokers across the world create entertaining and educational content. So, strive to use your platform to create videos that give your audience valuable content. By sharing educational information on TikTok, you help make your audience’s lives easier.

Create TikTok Challenges

Apart from trends, TikTok also has challenges. You can also create or participate in the TikTok challenges that arise. However, ensure that the challenges you participate in are those your target audience is interested in. Most of this platform’s popular challenges are dance challenges, so be prepared to put your best foot forward.

Know When to Post

Getting followers not only depends on the content you post but also on when you post. Ensure you post all your content when your target audience is online. This ensures that they can engage and interact with your content in real-time.

Engage with Your Audience

Do more than post videos; try to engage your audience if you want to grow your TikTok followers fast. You can start by replying to their comments. This will help boost interaction on your posts. The TikTok algorithm will suggest your content to more people when it sees this engagement. Another way to increase your engagement is by pinning a comment. People love reading comments and seeing what others are thinking. The pinned comment will help your target audience interact more.


Like any other platform, you need to be consistent with the number of videos you post. So, try posting a minimum of one video every day simultaneously. The result will be better engagement with your content and more followers, as people will keep coming back for more.

Have Your Signature Style

There’s nothing the online community hates more than seeing someone copy another individual’s style. To stand out on TikTok, ensure you have a signature style. Your signature style will be something people identify you for. It will also help set you apart from your competitors.

Engage with Other TikTokers

Engaging with other creators on TikTok allows you to increase engagement on each other’s posts. Your followers can follow your fellow TikToker and vice versa. You can also collaborate on creating content both your target audience love.

Cross-Promote Your Content on Other Social Media Platforms

There are tens of social platforms on the internet, don’t limit yourself to TikTok only. And the best part about these platforms is that they don’t exist in a vacuum. So, you can use your Instagram and Facebook accounts to promote your TikTok content. You can also use YouTube to post your content. By cross-promoting your content, your target audience views it every time they are online. It also helps your audience share your content on different platforms. With more people viewing your content, the easier it gets to grow your following.

TikTok’s popularity is growing, and you can leverage this growth to increase your following. By following the tips above, you can move from 0 to 100k followers without breaking a sweat.


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