How to Play Bai Choi

How to Play Bai Choi


Bai Choi Hoi An, a traditional folk game, is not only a simple form of entertainment but also a unique cultural symbol of the people of Central Vietnam. This game has been recognized by UNESCO as a representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity, demonstrating its profound cultural value and importance in preserving and promoting folk culture. Below is an introduction to how to play Hoi An card game and its cultural significance from experts at 789 BET.

How to play bAi Choi – The beauty of traditional national culture

Bai choi is an important part of Central region folk culture. This game often takes place on traditional huts, built on empty lands along the Hoai River. This beauty is not only popular during holidays or major festivals, but today it has also become an attractive activity for tourists when visiting Hoi An ancient town.

Bai Choi is played with a special deck of cards and each player will sit in a small hut. The game begins when one person sings the song choi, reading out couplets or descriptions related to the cards. Players will rely on the lyrics to identify their cards and compare them with what is described. The goal of the game is to correctly and quickly identify the cards described by the singer.

Bai Choi is not only an entertaining game but also a way to preserve and spread folk culture. It reflects the life, spirit, and cultural identity of the people of the Central region, from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan. UNESCO’s recognition of the Hoi An card game as a representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity is a testament to the profound cultural value of this game.

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Instructions on how to play card game most accurately

Playing card game brings unique and interesting moments of entertainment. Below are detailed instructions for readers to understand:


The deck of playing cards includes 33 cards, made from paper and glued on bamboo cards. Each card has 3 cards printed with clear patterns. The chants in Bai Choi have 4 main melodies, showing the diversity and richness of local culture.

The game started with melodious tones from Mr. Hieu and Ms. Hieu, the hosts of the game. They will sing traditional songs to open the game, attracting the attention of players, including domestic and foreign tourists. For foreign tourists, there is a tour guide fluent in foreign languages ​​to help them understand the game.

Rules and how to play card game

After the festival drum sounded, Mr. Hieu and Ms. Hieu began introducing the cards. Each player will choose 3 different cards and keep them in their hand. Next, Mr. and Mrs. Hieu will shake the card tube and pull out the cards, singing the song corresponding to the card name. The player who wins the called card will receive a checkerboard. This process continues until one player receives 3 checkers.

Choi singers need to have high concentration and creativity. They not only sing but also create attraction and excitement for the players through lyrics imbued with local culture and traditional music.

Rewards while playing card game

The winner will receive a souvenir, usually a Hoi An lantern or old town style gifts. However, fun and cultural experience are the greatest rewards that Bai Choi Hoi An brings.

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Participating in the card game game is not only entertaining but also a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and traditions of Hoi An, one of Vietnam’s rich cultural heritages.

Experience when participating in playing card game

To have the best experience when participating in Bai Choi, the following important experiences should be kept in mind:

  • Bai choi often attracts a large number of visitors, so the space can become crowded. Arriving early helps you choose a nice and airy seating position, helping you enjoy the game in the most comfortable way.
  • A game of hut can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the speed and participation of the players. Be prepared to spend the time necessary to participate in the game without interruption.
  • According to experience from veteran players, playing hut in the evening often brings a better experience. The weather is cooler than during the day, creating favorable conditions for you to participate and enjoy the game.
  • Since the game can make you feel hot and thirsty, bringing snacks and water will help you stay comfortable throughout your participation.


How to play Bai Choi is an important part of Vietnamese culture, helping visitors better understand the diversity and richness of Vietnamese folk culture. Preserving and promoting the value of Bai Choi is an important task, not only helping to maintain the unique culture of Hoi An but also of the whole country. Hopefully the information 789BET has compiled above will be somewhat meaningful to readers!


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