How To Protect Your Feet And Ankle Against Sports Injuries


There is no absolute argument that sports and physical exercise are important ways to stay in shape and keep your heart healthy. Additionally, sports help you build new friendships, eventually boosting your self-confidence. Unfortunately, the positives come with potential injuries, especially foot and ankle injuries. It is challenging to consider your ankles and feet much when you play, and you will likely get injured. But that doesn’t mean your injury is inevitable. At Eazy Foot & Ankle, your condition will be stabilized for good in the long run. Although foot and ankle conditions are common in sports, there are measures you can incorporate to protect against injury occurrence. While understanding that prevention is the best medicine, read the five tips to stay in the game and remain injury-free.

Don’t skip your warm-up regimen

It is always critical to warm up your muscles before engaging in any sporting activity since it will help prevent foot and ankle injuries. Furthermore, you don’t have to follow complicated routines or spend lots of time warming up. Including an accommodative exercise that doesn’t harm your muscles and joints will be of the essence to your feet and ankle health.

Constantly practice good foot hygiene

It might sound usual but keeping your feet clean and tidy works wonders in safeguarding your feet. Always wear moisture-wicking socks while playing, wash them regularly, and replace worn-out ones. This will keep your feet dry and protect them from blisters. Generally, constantly put on tidy sportswear during every session you play.

Choose sport-specific footwear

Choosing the proper footwear means more than just wearing football shoes designed for your sport. Having well-fitting shoes with appropriate arch support will make a massive difference in the health of your feet. Additionally, replacing your shoes when worn out is crucial, as playing with them will further increase your risk. If you are unsure of the right shoes, seek professional help instantly.

Don’t ignore the rest

You should take some time off and rest to boost your sporting performance. Again, this helps lower your risk for foot injuries as muscles and joints will relax, recover, and repair. Consider taking frequent breaks during your game, set aside a day or two, and stay away from the game. Use your breaks to hydrate since it helps lower fatigue and injuries.

Always pay attention to any rising pain

Typically, it’s easy to ignore the warning signs your foot sends, especially if you are part of the main team. However, pain can prove a more severe problem requiring immediate attention. Although muscle soreness is typical sometimes, frequent pain is never normal. Any pain experience is a call for rest or a break to which you should adhere and seek professional help. Continuing to play despite the pain signals can worsen a minor injury or increase the chances of a severe injury.

Your feet’ health is critical and can affect your overall health if ignored. While preventing an injury during sports isn’t easy, having protective measures on board can safeguard your health. Additionally, if your pain worsens, seek medical help instantly to stabilize the condition before it worsens. Renowned surgeon and board-certified podiatrist Albert Elhiani, DPM, uses state-of-the-art customized treatments for acute or chronic foot and ankle pain. If you want to stay super productive in your sporting activities, consider scheduling your appointment with Dr. Albert today!


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