Jason Pass Shot Brooklyn Father and Son Dead in Brutal Viral Video: Watch Here


Jason Pass Shot Brooklyn Father and Son Dead in Brutal Viral Video: Watch Here

Jason Pass is a 47-year-old Brooklyn man who shot his neighbors fatally for a minor noise dispute. This shocking incident occurred on October 29, 2023, Sunday in their Brooklyn apartment. Authorities are in search of Jason Pass as he left the spot after a shooting that killed two people. A father, Bladimy Mathurin aged 47, and a stepson, Chin Wai Mode aged 27 were identified as dead.

The incident was caught on video and it triggered backlash all over social media platforms as it spread worldwide. The video showcases the brutality of the suspect over an unimportant and minor issue.

Jason Pass Shot Brooklyn Father and Son Dead in Brutal Viral Video: Watch Here

Viral Video: Jason Pass Entire Incident Explained

Jason Pass was living with his elderly mother directly below the apartment of the victims. He was constantly bothered by the noise coming from the above apartment. As per NYPD, since March 2022, Jason called 311 multiple times. He called for the constant noise coming from upstairs. The above apartment was occupied by Bladimy Mathurin, Marie Delille(his wife) along with her two children, including Chin Wai Mode.

As per the report, the neighbors quarreled about the issue in the past as well. However, the issue turned into a crime scene on Sunday when Jason Pass pulled out a gun and shot two people upstairs. On the day of the incident, Jason Pass could be spotted waiting by the stairs in the surveillance video in the corridor. He was waiting on the fourth floor of the Flatbush Gardens complex at 1418 Brooklyn Ave, at the victim’s apartment while, the father Bladimy Mathurin was seen getting dressed by the door.

After some time, Mathurin’s wife, Marie walked out of the apartment. Then, Pass and Mathurin could be seen arguing with each other. Then Mathurin comes out holding a pair of scissors while Marie and her son hang back. Marie attempted to pull Mathurin back to de-escalate the situation while he threatened Jason Pass.

Jason Pass Shot Brooklyn Father and Son Dead in Brutal Viral Video: Watch Here

As Marie pulls her husband away, Jason pulls out the gun and shoots Mathurin and Mode. Then the woman could be spotted fleeing into the apartment and shutting the door. Then Jason could be seen walking up to Mathurin, firing some more shots, and then he fled the scene.

Current Situation

Jason Pass was living in an apartment in Brooklyn with his 73-year-old mother. After the incident, authorities are searching for him actively. He is currently wanted for murdering two people in his neighborhood. As per the New York Daily News, Jason Pass held the position of correction officer at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. However, he was fired in 2005. As per the reports, Pass lost his job the same month he was suspected of pointing a weapon at a pair of plainclothes police officers. This incident occurred in Flatlands, Brooklyn. Later Pass pleaded guilty.

As per Jason’s sister, his shooting two people to death was an act of self-defense. She said that when Jason complained about the high noise levels, the neighbors living upstairs used to provoke an argument or turn belligerent.

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However, Marie said that Jason Pass often threw xenophobic comments at the victim’s family because of their Haitian heritage. Meanwhile, Joseph Kenny, the Chief of Detectives said that the the apartment upstairs lacked carpeting. Thus, the noise levels are amplified every time the people move around the place.



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