Navigating Cricket Games: An Overview for Beginners


In this engaging guide, we’ll walk you through the basic rules, equipment, and cool strategies to help you make sense of this awesome sport. Why? Cricket sports continue to thrive significantly, a practice that has resulted in the recently increasing popularity of online cricket betting in India. As bettors’ numbers rise regularly, potential punters must know everything the game entails. As such, this article will delve into the outline of the game in India, its legality, how they can play, and other vital information players must know before starting at any site. 

The Cricket’s Absolute Basics

Like football, cricket features eleven players each on two teams with two umpires who decide the game. It is a game where a team will bat, and the other will take the field. A cricket match starts once the team captain flips a coin to determine the first batting side. Batting or taking the field first are the two options for the toss winner. Some basics include: 

Test match: Test matches take longer than any other cricket match. It requires teams to go through the batting line-up twice for four innings. Test matches may take up to 24 hours, featuring 90 overs.

One-day match: The match type, as the name implies, only takes 24 hours. One-day matches require each team to bat once with a fifty overs team.

Twenty20: Twenty20 is a famous cricket match. Popularly called T20, the match is the quickest among others, with each team facing only twenty overs. A T20 match ends within 3 hours.

Batting: To start this match, the team sends in the first two players to battle each other. A non-striker positions himself at the pitch’s end while the striker takes the pitch from the other batsmen. Other teams will watch from outside the pitch for their turn to bat. Strikers get bowls trying to get them out. Another batsman will come in as a replacement when this happens. The innings end until all players are out.

How to Bet on Cricket Online Sportsbookswith Basic Cricket Terminologies

Cricket has different terminologies that players must understand before going into the game. These terminologies are also the same as cricket betting market options, although these options may not be available with all cricket bet matches.

Some terminologies in the game include innings, wicket, run, and dismissal. Scoring in cricket also has some methods. These methods include single, boundary, and extras. The game has different dismissal methods, including bowled, caught, leg before wicket, run out, and stumped.

Many sportsbooks offer cricket betting with these technologies,  but users must do the following first. 

  • Register an account
  • Deposit into the account
  • Explore upcoming cricket matches and choose your favorite
  • Stake your preferred amount and wait for the ticket settlement


Cricket as a sport in India continues to thrive, and more people continue to develop an interest in the sport, not only as a fan but also as a bettor.

While the sport offers punters significant and immersive adventures, they must familiarize themselves with their states’ legal stands before registering at any sportsbook. They must also learn how to bet on cricket online to enjoy the thrills and adventures. Lastly, punters must adopt the best measures to gamble responsibly. 

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