Pushing Repotting Limits With A Spineless Yucca


Should you’re in search of a houseplant that thrives on neglect, however nonetheless makes a adorning assertion, think about the spineless yucca (Yucca elephantipes). Spineless on this case doesn’t imply this houseplant is by any means weak or feeble. These vegetation usually tend to outgrow your house and may get fairly tall, even when confined to a pot.

My Superb Yucca Plant

I’ve had my yucca for about 20 years and I truthfully solely keep in mind repotting it as soon as. (And this was as a result of I wished one thing a little bit extra ornamental than the black plastic pot it got here in.) Granted, this isn’t the advisable interval for transplanting a yucca of this species, however like I stated, they’re extremely tolerant of neglect.

Only for the report, I additionally solely water my yucca houseplant about as soon as a month slightly than giving it the advisable weekly drink of water. Whereas all this neglect hasn’t killed this pretty plant, I’m sure it has slowed down its development price. But at 7 ft tall (2 m.), I can truthfully say I’m glad it hasn’t grown sooner!

Alas, as a backyard author, I might be remiss if I didn’t inform you the advisable method to supply yucca houseplant care. As that is positively a case of do as I say and never as I do, right here is the right solution to care for potted yuccas.

Keep away from Overwatering an Indoor Yucca Plant

Clearly, my as soon as a month “let’s throw some water on it” approach for hydrating my yucca plant prevents me from overwatering these desert natives. But, I’ve usually questioned if it’s potential to underwater them. Mine resides in a 16 inch (41 cm.) vast planter. It could be potential to underwater this species ought to it’s rootbound and in a smaller pot.

I do have a idea as to why my yucca shouldn’t be rootbound, despite the fact that it has been greater than a decade since I’ve repotted it. A few years again, we had a slightly tenacious mouse that took up residence in our 1930’s period residence. Even our two housecats couldn’t appear to rid us of this pest.

I might see it scurrying alongside the wall, behind the tv stand and into the bed room the place I stored the yucca. Whereas Mr. Mouse was residing with us, I stored discovering holes dug within the soil of the yucca plant.

Now, I’ve by no means heard of mice digging holes in potted vegetation, however I can’t consider some other purpose why these holes would hold showing even after I crammed them in with potting soil. I believe maybe Mr. Mouse was doing a little bit of root pruning, which in some odd method was helpful to my yucca.

Nonetheless, indoor yucca vegetation are very liable to root rot if overwatered. Whatever the advice to water these vegetation weekly, it’s finest to at all times verify the soil first. Whether it is moist, don’t hesitate to attend a couple of days earlier than watering.

Yucca Plant Indoor Care

Whereas these vegetation make stunning and fascinating houseplants, this species of yucca is just hardy in tropical climates. Outdoor, they are often grown in full solar or partial shade. To supply as a lot daylight as potential, I hold my yucca in an east-facing window. To maintain the trunk rising straight, I recurrently rotate the pot.

I’ve discovered potted yucca vegetation are fairly tolerant of any well-draining potting soil. A cactus combine is right, however including sand, perlite or vermiculite to a typical potting combine will even work. These vegetation are usually not heavy feeders and I hardly ever embody fertilizer when watering.

I’ve discovered that the one side of care these vegetation routinely require is pruning. A number of time per 12 months, I trim off the decrease leaves which have turned brown. These will be left on the trunk, however I discover yuccas to be extra aesthetically pleasing when the foliage is all inexperienced.

Lastly, as soon as my yucca reaches the ceiling, it is going to be time to prune its top by sawing throughout the trunk. Repotting each the underside with the roots and the sawed off prime will give me two vegetation. I discover this activity a bit daunting, so I’m glad I solely must do it as soon as each 10 to twenty years!


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