the Majesty of the DYU King750 E-Bike

the Majesty of the DYU King750 E-Bike

The electric bicycle sphere has been buzzing with excited chatter about the majestic King 750 e-bike by DYU. With a price tag of $1299, the King 750 displays a formidable lineup of features, boasting a muscular motor, robust build, and capabilities that conquer all terrains. In this review, we’re going to delve into the depths of the King 750’s assets and shortcomings, providing you with the knowledge you need to make an informed buying decision.


Muscular Motor: The heart of the King 750 is a Deo hub motor, pulsating with a rating of 48 volts and 750 watts. This motor powers up an exhilarating acceleration and top speed, and with 75 newton meters of torque on tap, it offers a thrilling surge during your ride, simplifying uphill challenges and breezing past obstacles.

Robust Build: The King 750 proudly flaunts 26-inch by 4.0 wide soft all-terrain tires, offering unrivaled grip across diverse surfaces. Whether you’re gliding on paved roads, grappling with loose gravel, or carving through rugged trails, the King 750 performs with effortless grace. Dual hydraulic disc brakes armed with 160 millimeter rotors guarantee reliable halting power, safeguarding you even when speeds ramp up.

Tunable Suspension: The King 750 comes equipped with an adjustable front suspension that features a lockout switch, empowering you to tailor your ride experience to your liking. Although fat tires on an e-bike may render this feature superfluous to some, it brings an element of flexibility to those who crave a personalized suspension setup.

Durable and Removable Battery: The beating heart of the King 750’s power source is the internal battery, which is composed of top-quality LG cells. Boasting a capacity of 20 amp hours, the battery serves up an impressive range of approximately 47 to 53 miles with full battery assist. The integrated battery management system (BMS) ensures the efficient charging and health monitoring of the battery, and its removable design adds the convenience of easy charging and replacement.

Power-Packed Performance: The King 750 doesn’t merely promise an exciting ride – it delivers. Reviewers have hailed the bike’s incredible power delivery, swift throttle response, and fluid handling. The motor’s torque met and exceeded expectations, tackling demanding uphill terrains with ease, making it a suitable choice for riders of diverse weights and skill levels.


Restricted Gear Range: The King 750 is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano shifter system, generally regarded as an entry-level setup. While it serves its purpose, certain riders may find themselves yearning for a more extensive gear range, particularly when the battery begins to wane or while climbing steep inclines. A broader gear range, such as a 9-speed system, would offer improved flexibility and performance in demanding conditions.

Handlebar Configuration: While the handlebars of the King 750 perform their function adequately, they might not align with everyone’s tastes. Reviewers indicated a preference for wider handlebars, which provide a more relaxed grip and superior control. This aspect is highly subjective but warrants consideration if you have specific handlebar preferences or value ergonomic design.

Standard Components: Some of the King 750’s components, like the shifters, are considered to be basic. The Shimano Tourney shifters, though effective, don’t quite match the sophistication and precision of higher-end counterparts. An upgrade to a more sophisticated shifting system, such as the Altus or Deore, would amplify the overall riding experience.

Final Musings

The King 750 e-bike by DYU is an electrifying spectacle of power, robust construction, and exceptional performance. It promises and delivers a ride experience charged with excitement, underlined by its brisk acceleration, dependable braking, and adjustable suspension. The high-quality removable battery packed with LG cells promises longevity and an impressive range. Nevertheless, there is scope for improvement in terms of the gear range and handlebar design. Despite these minor setbacks, the King 750 is a commendable choice for riders who seek an affordable e-bike that can command a wide range of terrains and conditions.


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