Trisha Krishnan’s Alleged Private Video Viral, Sparks Authencity Debates


Trisha Krishnan, a South Indian actress private video allegedly leaked online

Popular South Indian actress Trisha Krishnan has found herself at the center of controversy as an explicit video claimed to be featuring her has been leaked online.

Known for her captivating beauty and talent, she is best known for giving major hits in the Telugu, Tamil, as well Hindi entertainment industries.

The latest controversy has generated a lot of negative publicity towards her.

Here we will be diving deep into the claims and cover details of the alleged controversy.

Alleged Trisha Krishnan Private Video Viral,

Trisha Krishnan private video viral
IC: @trishakrishnan/Instagram

According to several media reports, some private photos and videos of Trisha have been leaked on various social media platforms like Twitter, and Reddit.

This has raised a lot of public interest as well as concern about the privacy of her personal life. The viral video shows allegedly Trisha taking a shower. 

Trisha was in South Africa when she learned about the news. One of her friends from America told her about the recent scandal.

To which she quickly responded – “It was not me in the 2 1/2 minute bathing video clip, and someone who wants to malign my name has done this on purpose.” The statement was backed by her mother who added she uses a bathtub than a shower. 

Trisha Krishnan
IC: @trishakrishnan/Instagram

This is not the first time high-profile celebrities have been caught in such a scandal. According to TOI, earlier Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor’s alleged private video ‘kissing’ each other also attracted nationwide attention.

Controversies in the past

This is not the first time Trisha’s name has been involved in any controversy. According to Koimoi, Back in 2010, she was involved in a connection with a Nigeria-based drug dealer. This all hit the limelight when her name appeared on the client’s list associated with a Nigerian drug dealer. According to reports, the connection arose as she was a close friend of an African-origin dress designer Sidney Sladen at the time.

In the year 2010, her pictures and videos were also allegedly leaked online. In the pictures, she was seen alongside a notorious drug dealer. The pictures spread on the internet like wildfire on which later in an interview statement, Trisha denied any connection with the drug dealer and deemed it as an effort to tarnish her reputation within the Telugu film industry.

In an interview with the news agency IANS, Trisha said, “It’s very strange. I was shooting in Kodaikanal when this Telugu news channel put this news out. And they put a still of me and this very dear friend of mine who’s Afro-American. They assumed that this fashion-designer friend of mine was some drug peddler from Nigeria.”

“I was angry. This is not just a harmless rumor. The first thing I did was to get my lawyer to issue statements to all the TV channels. I’ve taken legal action against the channel which put this out. There is not an element of truth in it. It’s strange where this story came from. I haven’t been to Hyderabad for a year now. I was told this peddler knows my number. But come on, everyone knows my number.” Trish added.

“The only problem is you can’t pinpoint such a thing to any one source. But yes, it seems to have been done to tarnish my image. Luckily, I’ve got a lot of support in Hyderabad, even from the authorities,” she said.

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