What are The Natural Treatments for ED?

What are The Natural Treatments for ED?

Erectile dysfunction may be an embarrassing condition to discuss as a man, but it may eventually affect your relationships and sex life. Therefore, seeking los angeles ed evaluation and treatment may be necessary to discover and treat the underlying cause early. Signs of ED include reduced sexual desire, difficulty getting and keeping an erection, and premature and delayed ejaculations. You do not have to wait till the symptoms worsen before seeking treatment. You can start early by applying the following natural treatment options.

Balanced Diet

You can improve your sexual function when your diet consists of a completely balanced diet. Your diet may include fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fish. Such foods improve your overall health while lowering your risk of erectile dysfunction.


Participating in physical activities may help protect you from ED while improving your symptoms if you already have the condition. You may benefit from exercise if you are overweight, have cardiovascular diseases, and have inactivity that may contribute to your ED. Your doctor may recommend aerobic exercises for up to 40 minutes daily and give you a schedule you can run by to help reduce ED. Such exercises may include running, swimming, cycling, brisk walking, and skiing to improve testosterone levels and help with ED.


Getting enough sleep may improve ED. Therefore your doctor may recommend enough sleep every night. There have been cases where men who work at night and sleep little have an increased risk of developing ED. Also, sleep disorders like sleep apnea may increase the possibility of ED. Less sleep causes lower testosterone levels, which highly contribute to the development of ED. Furthermore, lack of sleep may be associated with high blood pressure and diabetes related to ED.

Losing Weight

Overweight men and those with larger waist circumferences are more likely to develop ED than men without such factors. You may need to undergo gastric bypass surgery to improve blood vessel health in obese men. Therefore, you will improve from ED after you lose weight. Your doctor may recommend a diet to help you lose weight more efficiently, among other weight loss programs.

Sex Therapy

You may have ED resulting from depression and anxiety during sexual activities. Your doctor may recommend cognitive behavior sex therapy which helps to lower anxiety and reduce non-organic ED. You can attend therapy with your partner to learn how to receive help. During your session, your mental health doctor will help you improve communication with your partner and teach you how to incorporate the treatment into your relationship.

Lifestyle Changes

Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can affect testosterone levels and cause sleep deprivation, leading to ED. You may need to reduce stress levels to improve your health. Additionally, you may need to reduce smoking as it may damage your blood vessels, thus preventing proper flow, a crucial role in erections.

Explore the various natural treatments you can benefit from at Atlas Men’s Clinic for addressing any concerns on ED. Your doctor will help you learn more about the several available treatment options and help you settle on one. Do not suffer when you can get help and live a normal sexual life. Visit the website to request your appointment.


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